Wednesday, 17 September 2014

Result of calligraphy competition held on 17th Sep .
1 position Ishaan
2 position Gaurika
3 position Samarthya.

Tuesday, 16 September 2014

Day 2 calligraphy competition.

Day 2 English Language Week
calligraphy writing competition. 

English language week.

 Day 1 . Online spell bee. Children played online spelling games. They worked in groups and were very happy.

Fruit and vegetable show

Fruit and vegetable show was great success.  Children participated enthusiastically and were very much excited. We got to learn many new things about different fruits and vegetables. 

Show and tell competition.

 Result of show and tell on favourite fruit or vegetable.
 First Position - Tanishka and Gaurika.
 Second Position - Utkarsh , Ishaan and Harman.
 Third Position -Savya , Rohit and Namya.

Wednesday, 10 September 2014


Janmashtami is celebrated as the birthday of lord krishna. Janam means birth and asthami means eighth day of monsoon. Temples and houses are decorated with flowers and lights. Miniature of lord krishna is placed in golden cradle. Lord krishna used to love butter that is why dahi handi is also celebrated on this day. Students og class 1 presented a beauriful musical melodrama potraying krishna lila n birth. They danced sang bhajans and had traditional dahi handi.

Counting with the help of place value blocks.

Counting hundreds with the help of place value blocks.  Children get first hand experience of how any number is formed.  For example 10 times 10 will make 100 , 5 times 10 n 6 will make the number 56. Packed bars are the bars of tens and loose blocks are ones.

Numbers with abacus.

Learning numbers with abacus is really fun.

Show and Tell - My Family - 12 July'18

Show and Tell - My Family - 12 July '18 First - Siddharth Goel Second - Daksh Jain , Srishti , Vyomm Third - Gauri , Saarthak ,...